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Foquz supports companies with change & innovation challenges.

The goal is to bring creativity, business understanding, clear analysis, direct feedback, personal growth and positive energy to your team.

Foquz creates a clear and simple strategy, comes up with an implementation plan and brings your ideas into practice!

Foquz offers:

determination of change opportunities & potential;
management & execution of change processes;
idea generation and selection;
management & execution of innovation projects.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change" Charles Darwin

last update: June 2009

Foquz on change

Foquz supports companies with their change processes. We provide an analysis of your opportunities and capabilities for change, together with insight in threats and (personal) resistance. Based on this analysis and client feedback a change strategy is proposed. The planning, execution and evaluation of a change program (such as a reorganisation) can be part of our service.

During the analysis all aspects regarding the change are examined and taken care of. The figure below illustrates the 'levels of change' which can be addressed in your situation and from which an approach per level/mix of levels is customised. Foquz supports change from the behaviour level up to and including the customer level.


Foquz on innovation

Foquz supports companies with product, process and service development challenges. Foquz improves the creative and analytical process to come to new ideas. Business case driven decision making is facilitated making use of quantitative and qualitative techniques.

In the figure to the right an example of idea selection is presented. From below to the top the 'weight' of the decision criteria increase. The idea with the best 'coverage' can be seen as the most promising. Please press 'play' to start the animation.

Besides idea generation and selection, Foquz manages product development teams. We cover all the aspects of project-, process- and program management.





Product scan

Scan of your product and service performance on 6 business aspect, including a customer & market performance survey (supported by a webbased product evaluation tool for your customer). Please press play!

Product compass
    Based on the 'Product scan', the 'Product compass' is an effective way to discuss, determine and communicate the strategic direction regarding product, service and market development. > example under construction <
Change compass
    After customizing the 'Change compass' to your situation the 'Change compas' is an efffective way to discuss, determine and communicate the change process. > example under construction <



Consultancy & project management:
- innovation & product portfolio analysis
- identifying opportunities & building business cases
- making product & marketing plans
- executing innovation projects
  - executing reorganisation processes
- implementing innovation system & process improvement
Interim management:
- project, product & marketing management
- change programs
Training & coaching:
- building expertise and bringing new insights:
  > lecture about innovation and decision making
> case studies and innovation game
- coaching of professionals and management

My name is Dick Tiemessen, founder of Foquz. After my study Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, I worked at KPN in various roles in project-, change- & innovation management for 12 years.
In this period I found out that the (insight in the demands of the) customers and the (resistance to change & the ambition of) employees are critical success factors in change and innovation.

My approach to change is customer and employee oriented; making full use of the most essential driving forces in sustainable change & innovation!

My experiences in the Telecom and IT sector brought me an interim management position in the Civil Engineering sector. At this moment I'm managing the project portfolio and facilitating the restart of a small international organisation.

'We from Foquz' refers to a strong believe in teamwork. Depending on the needs of the customer and the situation at hand, other experts will join the Foquz team.



Foquz is looking foreward for your reply at info@foquz.com

For direct inquiries please contact Dick Tiemessen at +31 (0)6 20361622

Focus is registered in the Netherlands at the Chamber of Commerce number 30255809.


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